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Teaching in a Digital Age
The book examines the underlying principles that guide effective teaching in an age when everyone,and in particular the students we are teaching, are using technology. A framework for making decisions about your teaching is provided, while understanding that every subject is different, and every instructor has something unique and special to bring to their teaching.The book enables teachers and instructors to help students develop the knowledge and skills they will need in a digital age: not so much the IT skills, but the thinking and attitudes to learning that will bring them success.

Manualele care sperie copiii și îi sărăcesc pe părinți. Exerciții de decapitare la ora de religie și “Elena ia un lup”
În abecedarele digitale, comunicarea de clasa I începe cu texte artificiale care sfidează logica exprimării: ”Anca ia un canar? Nu, ea ia un cuc.” „Elena ia un lup. Alin ia un măr mare”. Editorul își argumenteaza textul: ”Dacă noi n-am învățat litera, P, vreți la litera C să facem cuvinte cu litera P, nu se poate, pentru că n-am învățat! Totul se învață în ordine, într-o ordine metodică.
ProTV – România, te iubesc

Teaching in the Age of Minecraft
A popular video game provides a new medium for educators and students to unleash their creativity.
“A student told me after the class that he learned that first option [to solving a problem] isn’t always the best option. And that’s something you can’t teach kids—they need to have the opportunity to experience it themselves.”
The Atlantic

Pierce professor saves students $1 million through open education resources
“I basically sat down and, over a period of time, began to write my own text to replace the book for my Math 107 course,” he said. “I would hardly call that first version a formal textbook, but I wrote up enough content to reach the point where I didn’t need a book.” Lippman released the materials under an open license through Creative Commons, which allows anyone to republish or reuse his content as long as they give him credit.
David Lippman