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Bihar Studens Cheating In 10th Exam – Bihar Board Exams 2015 – India
In Bihar towns like Hajipur and Nawada, entire families seem to be setting out for centres where the board examinations are being held. And then, while students take the exam, their friends or family are clambering over school building walls to pass chits and assist them. None of them even attempt to conceal their actions. And this right under the nose of policemen posted at the centres.

Fițuici bacalaureat
Materialele au fost elaborate de către profesori de specialitate, conform cerințelor bacalaureatului 2014, ținând cont întocmai de matricea de corectare (edu.ro), atât în ce privește conținutul cât și structura. Folosind aceste materiale ajutătoare disponibile numai aici, ai acces garantat la note de 10!

‘Faking The Grade’ CBC Doc Zone Trailer
The film reveals what comprises a cheating offence (it’s not a black or white matter) and how the internet and electronic technology are now being used to cheat – and to catch the cheaters. In FAKING THE GRADE, viewers will discover the wide variety of other techniques young people are using to cheat: everything from bribery to sabotage (the latter: where a student makes sure others can’t find the research they need to complete an assignment). All of this is set in the context of some shocking, real-life examples of dishonesty – from students paying others to sit exams for them, to teachers changing the marks on standardized tests to make themselves and their schools look good. It all prompts an important question: what does all this cheating say about how important honesty is to our children…..and to all of us?