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Teens’ attack on Chinese girl draws comparison to ‘Lord of the Flies’ from judge
Three girls ganged up on Yiran “Camellia” Liu, forcing her to kneel and use her hands to wipe cigarette butts and ice cream smears off the floor. They took her to a nearby park, where they stripped her naked, kicked her with high-heeled shoes, slapped her hundreds of times and burned her nipples with cigarettes. They cut off her hair and made her eat it. Someone snapped cellphone photos of her. A girl named Helen said to the others, “Just slow it down and don’t hit her so hard, and we can do it a longer stretch of time.”
The victim and her alleged attackers were “parachute kids,” part of a new wave of Chinese youngsters who live in Southern California and attend local schools while their parents remain back home. Parachute kids typically stay in private homes in the San Gabriel Valley, paying for room, board, transportation and substitute parenting from their hosts. Most are in high school, though some are younger, studying here to get a jump start on admission to an American college.
LA Times


Henan school forces students to get up at 5am and bow to statue of Confucius
“Their reverence for their ancestral safes is entirely voluntarily,” a spokesperson form the school has said, insisting that they do not force students to take part in the ceremony. Those who chose not to participate, however, could expect to be “severely criticized” at school assemblies.


Riot after Chinese teachers try to stop pupils cheating
What should have been a hushed scene of 800 Chinese students diligently sitting their university entrance exams erupted into siege warfare after invigilators tried to stop them from cheating.
“I picked up my son at midday [from his exam]. He started crying. I asked him what was up and he said a teacher had frisked his body and taken his mobile phone from his underwear. I was furious and I asked him if he could identify the teacher. I said we should go back and find him.”
“We want fairness. There is no fairness if you do not let us cheat.”
The Telegraph

15 Facts About China’s Grueling College Entrance Exam
A survey of 30-plus years’ worth of top scorers on the gao kao revealed out of 1,000 people, none of them went on to the exceptional careers most expected them to have.
In 2007, family and teachers of one girl from Shaanxi Province hid the news of her father’s death for two months so as to keep her from being upset before the test. Some girls take contraceptives or receive injections to prevent the onset of their menstrual cycle during the week of the exam.

Als Lehrerin in China: Mein Alltag in der Lernfabrik
Sechs Jahre lang unterrichtete Katja Meuß, 61, an einem chinesischen Elite-Gymnasium. Bis zuletzt war sie befremdet: Teamarbeit ist verpönt, gewinnen gefordert und wer Fehler macht, wird ausgelacht. Ein Erfahrungsbericht.
Viele Schüler von mir lachten Mitschüler, die falsch geantwortet hatten, hemmungslos aus. Oft fing das Gelächter schon an, wenn ich einen schwachen Schüler nur aufrief. Wenn ich ihn für seine Antwort lobte, schaute er mich verständnislos an und wagte nicht, sich zu freuen. Die anderen Schüler allerdings bemerkten gar nicht, dass ich ihn gelobt hatte.