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Why Sweden’s teachers have no time for their students
Teachers in Sweden are drowning in paperwork and have insufficient time to properly plan lessons, a new report suggests.

Almost nine out of ten primary school teachers answered that their workload is too high, with administrative tasks eating up valuable teaching time.
The Local


Parents’ smartphones harming children’s ability to hold conversation, say teachers
Teachers warned of children suffering from a lack of attention and interaction from parents obsessed with their smartphones.

The State of Education report found four-fifths of teachers were worried about poor social skills or children having speech problems. More than two-thirds had seen children lacking “self-help skills”.

Teachers also reported levels of reading, writing and numeracy were lower than they should be.
The Telegraph

How Finland broke every rule — and created a top school system
Instead of control, competition, stress, standardized testing, screen-based schools and loosened teacher qualifications, try warmth, collaboration, and highly professionalized, teacher-led encouragement and assessment.

Here, as in any other Finnish school, teachers are not strait-jacketed by bureaucrats, scripts or excessive regulations, but have the freedom to innovate and experiment as teams of trusted professionals.

Migrant crisis to blame for falling standards in Swedish schools, say officials
The increase of foreign-born children in Swedish schools has played a part in the country’s overall decline in educational achievement and test scores in recent years, officials report. The number of teenagers who failed to qualify for upper secondary school in Sweden increased from ten per cent in 2006 to more than 14 per cent in 2015. A report by the Swedish Education Agency released on Monday concluded that 85 per cent of the increase was explained by immigrant students unable to catch up with Swedes of the same age.

We already know that immigrant students on average have lower performance in school,’ said Education Agency Director Anna Ekstrom. ‘We need more teachers, teachers in their native language, interpreters, etc. in a situation already marked by the shortage.
Daily Mail

We are afraid – Swedish schoolchildren’s desperate letter to the principal
More and more parents keep their children home from school, after children have been abused by newly arrived immigrant students who attend the Central School in Kristianstad.

Children who are beaten, kicked, choked and suffer other degrading treatment – It has now become everyday life at the Central School in Kristianstad. The school has received a large number of new students from the recent asylum chaos, and has two preparatory classes for newly arrived immigrants.

When one of the boys said he did not want to play football because the immigrants cheat, two of them attacked him. It ended with this boy being completely covered in blood before some adults intervened.

Muslim teacher, school owner’s son beat student to death in West Bengal’s Murshidabad
Shamim Mullick met his parents on Monday evening in school-hostel compound, without taking permission from the school authority – this reason has been cited in the report which made the teacher angry. Thereafter the teacher of the school- Hanif Sheikh- and son of the school’s owner- Liton Sheikh- allegedly beat the student so badly that he became unconscious. Later, Shamim Mullick was taken to Kandi Sub Divisional Hospital where he was declared dead.

Why so many kids can’t sit still in school today
When compared to children from the early 1980s, only one out of twelve children had normal strength and balance.

Many children are walking around with an underdeveloped vestibular (balance) system today–due to restricted movement. In order to develop a strong balance system, children need to move their body in all directions, for hours at a time. Just like with exercising, they need to do this more than just once-a-week in order to reap the benefits. Therefore, having soccer practice once or twice a week is likely not enough movement for the child to develop a strong sensory system.
The Washington Post

Seid wütend auf die muslimischen Frauen!
Die ehemalige Femen-Aktivistin Zana Ramadani glaubt, dass Vorfälle wie in Köln überall möglich sind, wo Muslime leben. Schuld sind die islamischen Werte – und Mütter, die ihre Kinder danach erziehen.

Im islamischen Kulturkreis ist es so, dass noch immer fast ausschließlich Frauen erziehen. Die Frauen haben die Werte, unter denen sie selbst oft gelitten haben, so verinnerlicht, dass sie sie sowohl an ihre Söhne als auch an ihre Töchter weitergeben. Die Jungs werden schon von klein auf als Prinzen behandelt und verhätschelt. Die Mädchen werden vor allem zur Tugendhaftigkeit angeleitet. Sie müssen von Anfang an im Haushalt arbeiten und der Mutter helfen, die Männer der Familie zu verziehen.

Zana Ramadani, fostă activistă Femen, crede că incidente ca cele care au avut loc în Köln în noaptea de revelion sunt posibile oriunde acolo unde trăiesc musulmani. De vină sunt valorile musulmane după care își cresc mamele copiii.

In cultura islamică mamele se ocupă aproape exclusiv de creșterea copiilor. Mamele au interiorizat după care au fost crescute, astfel încât le transmit mai departe băieților și fiicelor. Băieții sunt tratați de mici ca niște prinți și răsfățați. Fetele sunt crescute în special în spiritul virtuții. Trebuie să le ajute de mici pe mame la răsfățatul barbaților.

Die Welt

Decades of failing to recognize ADHD in girls has created a “lost generation” of women
Unlike boys, many of whom show hyperactivity, girls’ symptoms veer more toward inattentiveness and disorganization. Girls tend to develop ADHD later than boys. They frequently mask it in an attempt to conform to society’s expectation that they be on the ball and organized. And while some ADHD symptoms can become less intense for boys after they pass through puberty, for many girls, it gets worse.

Girls’ symptoms include: a tendency toward daydreaming, trouble following instructions, making careless mistakes on homework and tests.

Girls with ADHD are significantly more likely to experience major depression, anxiety, and eating disorders than girls without. They tend to have few friendships. As a result of their low self-esteem, they often choose unhealthy relationships in which they may accept punitive criticism and or abuse.
Teachers and parents often miss the warning signs because feeling disorganized or unfocused often leads to depression and anxiety. Failing to properly diagnose the condition, girls miss out on critical academic services and accommodations, as well as therapy and medication. Many girls end up misdiagnosed and treated with anti-anxiety or depression drugs, some of which exacerbate the effects of ADHD.

Pakistan Taliban commander vows more school attacks in video
A Taliban faction commander Umar Mansoor told Reuters his fighters had targeted the campus because it prepared students to join the government and army.

Now we will not kill the soldier in his cantonment, the lawyer in the court or the politician in parliament but in the places where they are prepared, the schools, the universities, the colleges that lay their foundation,” a bearded Mansoor said in the video, holding an admonishing finger aloft. “With the mercy of god, our attacks on all universities and schools will continue.”